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If you like delicious food that's ALSO good for you, you're in the right place!

We have prepared foods, bread, muffins, cookies, cakes, and all kinds of amazing delicious treats that are all sugar AND gluten free, great for keto and diabetic diets!

If you're like us, you really care about what you put into your body. You read the ingredients. You work hard to take care of yourself. We're like that too. We get it.


We want to help you take care of yourself AND get the yummies you love at the same time!


We offer prepared foods, baked goods and treats that are perfect for keto, low carb, and diabetic diets. Everything is made with the super high quality ingredients you look for in your food.

We mostly use almond flour, coconuts, monk fruit, and high quality chocolate in our bakes, and many of our ingredients are organic.


We use no gluten or sugar, so you can enjoy without any guilt!


We're here to bring some deliciousness back into your life, in a way that not only makes your mouth happy, but your body will thank you with every one of our delicious foods!

Just Some of Our Delicious Low Carb, Flourless,

Sugar Free Bakes & prepared foods




Pies and Cakes




Prepared Foods





Baking Tools

Real comments from our amazing customers:

"Everything is always so delicious I can't believe it's low carb and dairy free. Every new item is so good and the service is even better!!"

"Best low carb bread I've ever had."

"Those biscuits are little bites of heaven!"

"The biscuits were wonderful as were blueberry muffins. We really liked cupcakes but French silk pie was my favorite!"

"The hot dog buns are divine!"

"These Bibby's biscuits are tha TRUTH!! My mouth doesn't know it's a faux biscuit minus all those carbs!!! And the jam gives me just enough sweet without sending me over the edge! I'm so happy I found out about you!!! Now I can enjoy some of my faves without all the guilt!"

"That ding dong cake is absolutely delicious!"

"I just picked up my first order from Bibby’s Bakes.....the ding dong cake is to die for, the raspberry jam is perfection & the chocolate chip cookies are yummy! She also included a biscuit so I could try with the jam....OhMyGosh yummmmmy!!!! Can wait to try the bread!! Thank you, I be a forever customer!"

"If I could give you 10 stars I would!! Everything was delicious!!! This morning I had coffee with my blueberry muffins!! I actually felt like I was not deprived of yummy food. You definitely have a customer forever!! "


We're total food snobs.

And we love to bake.

Let US make it for you.

Bibby's bakes, all of them, are made by hand by Bibby (which is what her grandkids call her) and me, her daughter.

Frankly, I'M the food snob, and because I want my mom around as long as possible, I worked for years to turn her into one too! It was no small task prying those freakin' cheetos out of her hands. But I worked diligently.


After a couple of years--success! 2 food snobs! We both read food labels, eat ZERO processed food, and have been living the low carb lifestyle with NO gluten or sugar for over 2 years.


But my mom was, in no way, going to give up her biscuits, buns, and treats in order to be a healthy. Salad all the time just wasn't going to cut it. So she just starting making them herself. It took a few tries, but she got 'em down PAT. 

Eating one of her amazing low carb biscuits one day, I said, "You know, I'll just bet people would love these. You can't buy these anywhere. You have to make them, and they're tricky to get them just right.


So I let neighbors know, and now--here we are. We bake, and eat, and bake, and eat. 

We're pretty much living the dream.


Low Carb, Keto Friendly, Sugar & Gluten Free. Something for everyone!

You don't even need to be on a special diet to enjoy our food. It's delicious. You can eat it yourself or feed it to your family if you'd just like them to have a little less sugar, flour, and processed junk in their diet.

We would love to be your go-to place for your biscuits, bread, cookies, treats, and delicious dishes so you can feel great about what you're eating. 

All while saying "mmmmm yummy" with every delicious bite!

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